Tales of an Unknown Aviator

A photographic treatment of model planes made by Luis Greenhill (1925 - 2010) This ongoing project documents an extensive collection of French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, German, Russian, English and American model planes from the World War I & II (1914 - 1945) that are palm sized, one-off and made by an elderly man who lived in Southern Chile. Luis Greenhill reproduced his model planes from looking at photographs found in old books. He fashioned the planes by hand carving wooden blocks and gluing together recycled materials. Like objects glimpsed in a dream, the model planes have been photographed and then digitally treated in away that further blurs the line between fact and fiction. Seen as a whole, the project speaks of time, nostalgia, memory, simulacra, repetition, intervention, layering, courage, loss, sacrifice and the nature of conflict.